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Hello my friend

I think if the following features are added to the game, it will be more attractive

1- some ships have only 2  Main Battery For example   Admiral Graf Spee   Gascogne   République  and ...

Add the ability to fire individual artillery barrels



2- Ability to convert destroyers to gunbot or torpido bot ( example french dd can torpido bot long time main reload and lo detectability ...

3-in slot 1 our 2

add ne upgrade for some destroyer

for redus detection radius 12% but this upgrade  It may reduce the reloading of the main weapon or torpedo  10%

Why add this feature?

Because destroyers are the key ships in the game

For example, some destroyers with a detection radius of 6.6 cannot capture a point

4- Reduce the detection radius of all destroyers to 6 km

Increased torpedo range in some destroyers

For example, the detection radius of a destroyer is 6.2 km And the torpedo has a range of 5.5 km

Which needs to increase torpido the range of 20 %

5- In reality, when an old plane tries to fire a rocket at a fixed location

The rockets land very flat and scattered on the ground

The problem with the game is : why the fighters are in the game even though the ship is very fast  rotation

Rockets or this very high accuracy prove to the ship

Don't you think it's ridiculous?


And of course a repetitive criticism of managers

In tier 3 or 4, some ships do not even have an anti-aircraft gun

Unfortunately, they are in the game against 2 aircraft carrior

And an easy target for aircraft



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Your english is just horrible. And DDs are the key ships in this game? Wait for Kitakami and Sub Marines....


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