So. As we all know. If you use any Skills that Accelerate Torpedoes on CVs. Then the Arming Distance will be Increased by the same Factor and thus make that Skill/Module not just Completely useless. But actually makes it a Nerf because you not only maintain the exactly same time between Drop and Impact and thus the exactly same time for the Enemy to Dodge but now you have to Drop the Torpedoes from further away. Increasing the Chance for Obstacles to get in between and Reducing the Ability to Drop Targets between Islands.   Despite that. Wargaming in their Guide to German CVs apparently saw Fit to Recommend the Torpedo Acceleration Skill and Module. Effectively telling People to Nerf their own CV.     And this Leads to a Simple Question in my Mind. Does WG simply not actually Play their Ships and thus Simply doesnt know about this ? Or is it maybe that actually the Arming Distance being Increased is a Bug and actually Wargaming Intended the Torpedo Acceleration Skill which is not Greyed out for CVs either to be a Useful Skill for CVs which actually Improves Hitrate with Torps ?     Would be Nice to actually know about this. Or if WG Simply doesnt Realize this maybe it would be Nice if it could be Forwarded to WG so they actually Grey out the Skill for CVs because its actually a Nerf to CVs and doesnt Recommend that Skill to CV Players....   @Crysantos
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