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Eurofigthers Recruiting

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Greetings all!!!

The Eurofighters are recruiting.

We are a relaxed clan, we like competitive but we don t make it a life or dead situation.

We have people from all over Europe, we like to have fun and try never get angry.

We have some recruiting standards:

- At least 21 years old

- 50% win rate

- 1200 average XP/battle

- At least 2 Tier X

- To speak english ( it doesn t need to be perfect or I would never join lol)

- An active Discord account

- An headset


So, if you don t have a clan and you re willing to join one please take us in consideration

Our base is almost fully upgraded, we only missing the last level of the steel port, we are always in a good mood and we re crazy.

If you think you can fit or that we are the right clan for you you re most welcome


Naked Bird

Eurofighters XO

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