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Cyclone, good or bad

Remove Cyclone  

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  1. 1. Do you think the Cyclone feature should be removed from the game?

    • Yes, it only adds unnecessary frustration to the game.
    • No, it's an interesting feature that should remain in the game.

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Lately, I have been having really frustrating games because of the Cyclone feature in randoms.

I don't know what you think (feel free to add your opinions), but I think the Cyclone is a completely unnecessary feature in the game that adds nothing of value and should be removed.


Why I think so:

- The Cyclone lasts 10 minutes, which means once it hits, your spotting range gets reduced to 8 kms....except when you have radar, which can temporary boost your vision.

This 10 minutes 'intermission' is too long imo, and makes battles boring.

- During the cyclone, ships without hydro are a lot more susceptible for long range torpedo attacks that leaves their survival much more dependant on pure luck, then skill.

- Ships that have to stay away from close battles become totally useless, as usually, they stay far away because they are too fragile for brawling, and the Cyclone forces them to close in if they want to farm damage. This is not a good game mechanic. Forcing players to change tactics wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea, but this way, they are forced to use their ships in ways they aren't meant to be used.


I'm alright with the epicenter's snowstorm, or the thunderstorm feature, because neither impacts the game as much as the Cyclone. But the Cyclone, as it is just an annoying feature that isn't needed in the game, it just makes playing a lot more frustrating.


Either remove it altogether or reduce it's lenght or visibility penalty.

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