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Bloodminister reporting for duty!

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Hi everyone!

Bloodminister here reporting for duty as the new Community Manager for the Polish and English speaking players! It’s an amazing opportunity to be working with each and every one of you, as this community already went a very long way to become what it is right now. 


Let me first introduce myself a bit. I’m not new to Community Management, as I’ve had the pleasure to work with various games for more than 5 years already. At the same time I’m fairly new to World of Warships, but I promise that this won’t limit what I can do for and with this community - or at least not for long (or so I hope)! I'm a big gaming (Soulsborne, MGS, Civilization, Hunt: Showdown and much, much more)  and history (mostly 19th and 20th century) nerd - so it feels like WoWs is perfect fit for me, and that's one of the main reasons that I’m looking forward to working with all of you. 


Feel free to hit me up on the forums or via DM on Discord (bloodminister#0001). I’ll try to answer your questions as soon as I can!  


Fair winds and following seas to you all! 


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Welcome to the game , good luck in your role

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1)I have same thing to tell you. In my opinion is not correct same ship which is buy from shop for example has torpedo battle ship and my battleship from game did not have torpedo front to front I am 

not equal with this r ship .

2) the same I the premium ship have same additional skills like destroyer ship have rebuild same port of the body of ship I check all the destroyer from game and I do not fain any ship with this caracteristic same id not correct one ship to have and other ship do not have, where is the fair play to play from equal to equal if I am wrong please tell me.

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