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Desync from hell

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Hell I just shot at a Georgia coming straight for me, and here I was thinking the desync only incorrectly registers hit for or aft of a ship when you shoot...

I hit the Georgia with a shell that landed a ships width next to it!! So basicly this game doesn't even have a single clue where ships actualy are on the map... 


And when I tried to load the replay file to check it again and make a screenshot I found out that replays don't load. I get stuck at the loading screen, meanwhile after long enough of a wait I can actualy hear the game sound but only see the loading screen.

The quality of the WOWS team really has dropped into an abyss it seems, there is so much shite coming out. UI and sound updates noone asked for, the complete crap show that is CV balance. Toxic  OP russian ships that have come out. The influx of complete noobs at high T8+ thanks to high number of high tier ships available for money. I could go on....Imagine that this no skill development team actualy wants to introduce another ship class. It is quite clear that have noone working at WG that even comes close to being competent enought to actualy get that done in a balanced way.  

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