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Leonardo da Vinci/Norvorossiysk Battleship

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a dreadnough battleship of the royal italien navy dated back to just before the first world war.



Leonardo was a ship of the Conte di Cavour-class the secound class of italien dreadnoughs and a sistership to the ingame Giulio Cesare


The ship saw little to no action till a maganize detonation in 1916, an incident which was blamed on Austro-Hungarian saboteurs. Leonardo would be refloated in 1919 and spend time in dock keel up (I am not kidding) only to later be scrapped in 1923 due to budget constraints.

While it would be the end of this specific vessel, the 2 sisters would continue service well into the secound world war and beyound with Giulio Cesare transferring to the soviet navy, get  8 refits and renamed Novorossiysk. Cesare was scheduled for a refit of soviet 305mm L/52 guns, but was lost to a mine in late October, 1955. 


NOTE!: the ship was picked because of the name rather than because of the service history, as Giulio Cesare is already in the game.

This puts the article in a dilemma between an old italien design or a soviet refitted battleship.


Leonardo/Novorossiysks' Advantages

- Overwhelming firepower

- Room for innorvations & artistic liberty

- A solid battleship for Tier V

- Possible enough material for 2 seperated ships.



While the armour is on the thin side, the ship is well covered and the armour is thicc enough to keep out minor shells and protect from HE

Deck:        24-40mm

Belt:          80-250mm

Barbet:     130-230mm

Turrets:    240-280mm

C.Tower:  280mm



The ship features a hailstorm of firepower both before and after refits.


3x3 + 2x2 - 305mm L/46 Model 1909 - A total of 13 guns

18x1         - 120mm L/50 - no idea which model, who made them or if they are L/50 (but it is presumed they are L/50 model 1892).

14x1         - QF 14-pdr Mk. I

Hypothetical soviet refit based on quick research:

3x4           - 305mm L/52 P 1907 - Long range guns with sluggish velocity

4x2           -100mm L/47 "Minizini"  - These guns are already onboard and were used in soviet service as well.

6x2           -100mm L/56 M3-14 - These are B-34 in a DP twin mount, replacing the 6 turrets along the deck on Ceasar.

This refit forgo any casement guns as it is a late 1940's / early 1950's refit



The ship was equiped with the default 3x1 submerged torpedo tubes, these are by-passed in the game.


AA Guns

As Leonardo, the ship didn't have any AA guns but would later be equiped with:

6x1           -102mm L/35 (or L/45)  -  LR 47dps w. 1 FlaK cloud 

however this came at the cost of the center main turret in a refit and would put the ship at about 8 points.

The soviets would refit it with: 

4x2           - 100mm L/47 "Minizini" - LR 35dps w. 1 FlaK cloud

6x2           - 100mm L/56 M3-14      - LR 83dps w. 1 FlaK cloud

6x1           - 37mm L/67 70-K           - MR 81dps 

6x2           - 37mm L/67 V-11           - MR 147dps

This is a deadly force able to eradicate planes and will make a fair challenge to USS Texas & Oktyabraskaya Recolutsiya atleast at range.



The reported top speed is 21.6kn with the first ship of the class able to reach 22.2kn leaving the ships as slow but not underwhelming.



This ship is either an old school Tier V Dreadnough of the italien navy with more volume of fire than any other ship in tier. 

Or it's an underdog Tier VI soviet battleship with possibilities and characteristics which stand out amongst her fellow battleships. 

In either case it is a mixmatch and a patch work to pick which guns & stats to go with or to split it up into 2 seperated ships (which would proberly be the best).


Edit: Oh boy she's in the game now...

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