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KM CV's event rewards guide (is this right?)

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Basic crates for directives and login might have a low chance for a mission for the t4 CV


most tokens you can get without paying money is 75 X 4 for the chain missions.

= 300


you can then get a bonus 75 credits for each of


rhien, wesser, parcival and Graf zep (the t4 6 and 8 EA CV + the old prem),



grand total of 600 if you own each EA CV and the Prem


Each perma TX camo is 600 tokens..


to actually get the missions to unlock the EA cv 's looks like your going to need at lest 20 prem containers about 70 pounds. maybe a lot more , possibly though very unlikely with less.


7500 dubs buys you a 4 chain mission for t6-10 BB ca or dd the total reward for this is 600 tokens (the BB one i have it can completed with any BB from T5-X though i wouldnt want to do the last 2, (1000 secondaries and 15 million taken) with lower than t8)



TLDR- if you want Camo's best bet is to purchase the 7500 dub ission packages 

Free camo - not possible as far as i can see you will need to buy at least 70 pounds worth of super containers and the graf zepp 


If you just want EA cv's then the prem containers are where its at , the camos and signals are pretty good but the odds seem low  i got 10 and found t4 and t6 , seems like i was lucky.


If you want a camo and EA then your just going to have to go int hier and buy everything ;)



a bit disapointed its such an absurdly long shot to be able to unlock anything through the free stuff. 

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