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[0.9.10] Good News!

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As @MegaDommagam has sadly retired, I have updated the mod:


The mod adds a clickable 'SEEING EYE' icon to the 'NEWS' section of the 'User Drop-down Menu'.

By selecting and de-selecting the 'SEEING EYE' icon, the player can hide or display all of the red 'NEW ITEM' notification markers in the UI.


IMPORTANT: The 'NEW ITEM' markers are used not only for news, but for many other new elements in the game:

                                  new modules, collection items, emblems and badge elements, etc.

                         The notification markers will be hidden for those too.






Best with Aslains modpack:



Or download here:



If you are using other mods too, install those first. Then check if the following files exist:




If one or both of them exist, then installing the mod requires manual editing of those files.


If they do not exist, copy the following files from the folders of the unzipped mod:

good_news.swf to ..\World_of_Warships\bin\XXXXXXX\res_mods\gui\unbound\mods

good_news.xml to ..\World_of_Warships\bin\XXXXXXX\res_mods\gui\unbound\mods

uss_settings.xml to ..\World_of_Warships\bin\XXXXXXX\res_mods\gui\


(You have to create these sub-folders if they do not exist. The compressed file contains the directory tree for your convenience.)



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