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4 mod make thing difference

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when make a mod you all way use some thing you already had to creation to some thing much more like this


but some time what you want to make is beyond your limit, like me i only can mod image and  completely useless some thing else, but who know you can do it


1: quick command: right now we not have it yet but some day we sure will, like wot it give our team fight more effect even with worst command. but in wows it make some thing even more: control formation


with the mod change icon command clan and division can make formation in 3 second




2: sunken ship: in wows, when you die you disappear, only thing too we can remember you is your icon still mess up the minimap, some day maybe like wot when you die you can become a cover, when your ship sunk you left us a flame in water surface with smoke to hide our the ship very honor to remember the viking. Truely not every thing sunk with the ship right (IJN ship deck fuel) even shot down aircraft, atleat it not disappear unstill match end

 the mod maybe not like that at all. but it make a nice scenekYHzBT9.jpg


3: weather: sound too expensive like all sea full by fog make you carefull all move, but rain is not much right? no one say rain much be in totally the map but atleast in our sceen like look through a sunglass


think far but way is so close, if i can input this weather is no longer the dream





4: island. island on world of warship simple is what we call "rock" with painting world of warplane even better. maybe some day it will be better


but atleast can have true fog on island






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Well, don't be too harsh mates, I believe he/she just used something like google translater from his native language (russian?) to english;

For what I gather he's trying to put forward some ideas for mods or for future game features, like Rain effects, wrecks being permanent during the battle and something similar to what exists in WoT regarding simple warnings, commands, like "engaging target X", retreating, or Help/ cover me

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some cool ideas for someone to build on.


1. i'm sure WG will implement this as its a key feature in WOT

2. perhaps slow the sinking.. ok.. but other than that it would only take up FPS to render dead ships.. it would sick and there's no benefit to hide behind a deadship as the shells come in from an angle. it would only slow you down...

3. should be cool just as a night battle in a bad storm. currently only fog, waves and sun/hdr can be played with

4. trees etc are already in the game, you could modify the scene files to include more... i will assume WG is working on it and only cos we're in CBT we're not seeing this yet.


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