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[4GOLD]/EU - Recruiting casual and competitive players

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Our clan has long been struggling with activity and input from players and we would like to change that, therefore we are now recruiting! You might've seen us on the battlefield before with the tag [ARS].

We are a clan originally from DarkOrbit, a spaceship MMO where we dominated the first European server. Most of our members have since passed on to different clans and games, as we all sometimes get tired of playing the same game, right?


We have a few 'rules', but we won't ask for too much since we just want to have more souls in the clan so we can all enjoy the game together.

- We ask that you are 18+, because there might be some NSFW content here and there

- We would like you to participate in clan battles, you're not expected to play every single night but at least once or twice a week is HIGHLY appreciated.

- An average PR of at least 1200 in random or ranked battles is mandatory.

- Join the discord! This is mandatory. https://discord.gg/Week7g2

- Feel free to show off on Discord and engage in chatting and voice chat.

- At least speak English, German and Dutch are also accepted languages. Currently, the clan consists of mostly Dutch players though.


What can you expect from us?

There is little to offer from our side right now, as described before, our clan does not have an awful lot of active players. We have an almost entirely built base, except for steel which is at level 2 out of 3, the list is as follows:

- +7% steel that you receive

- +10% coal that you receive

- -15% post-battle service to all ships of all tiers

- -15% research cost (in credits) to all ships of all tiers

- +5% xp per battle to all ships from all tiers

- +25% free xp per battle to all ships from all tiers

- +10% commander xp per battle to all ships from all tiers


Our wows-numbers page: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500173463,4GOLD-Gang-of-Old-Lazy-Dudes/

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