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Pan-asian Cruiser - Ning Hai

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ROCN (Republic of China Navy) Ning Hai (甯海 - Peaceful Seas) was one if not the most powerful cruiser of the Chinese Republic in the 1930s 

!Note! Sources varies to some degree.


Ning Hai would go on to have an unusual story for a ship of her type. In an attempt to rearm the chinese republic navy, which never really took off,  the chinese republic negotiated with shipyards around the world (UK, USA & Germany) which resulted in a deal with Harima Shipyards in Japan of all places and under heavy political pressure as well as protests from the japanese military.

The result of the discripant work resulted in a class of 2 diffrent ships, called Ning Hai who would be constructed in Japan, and Ping Hai which would be build in China. Both were based on IJN Yübari (yes our beloved tier IV Yübari) with Ning Hai being the better design on paper.

In the years leading up to the Secound Sino-japanese war, Ning Hai would be send to Japan twice for repairs and once as a  show of good will at the funeral for Admiral Taco Hellzero Tōgō Heihachirō... and some minor repairs of course.


The two half-sisterships  would see service in the republic navy till the Secound Sino-japanese war where they were sunk by air attacks and captured. They would then be refloated and continue service into the Secound world war although under japanese banner, refits and names. Ning Hai would be named Ioshima while Ping Hai was named Yasoshima.

Both ships were lost in the later half of 1944.



Nian Hai's Advantages

-Nice artillery combined with secoundary batteries.

-Spotter plane available. (unlike her sister)

-Excellent AA rating and concealment



Ning Hai sported naval guns we have seen before on other ships.

3x2 - Type 3 L/45 14cm guns seen on other cruisers and often seen as secoundary guns on BBs. Some sources will say these were the L/50 version

6x1 - Type 3 L/40 8cm guns, these are the same 76.2mm DP guns seen on low tier ships. 

Ontop of tested & proven guns she sports 1x AB-3 floatplane with room for another onboard. 



Ning Hai didhave torpdoes available in twin mounts. I am unclear which specific torpedoes they were but this is known.

-They predate 1932

-They were of 533mm caliber (21")

Could be the Type 89 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 45kn speed (from 1929 noted as only used by submarines)

Could be the Type 92 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 30kn speed (1932, inspired from G7e serie) 

Note: some sources do not even mention torpedoes onboard.


AA Guns

Like her "template" she sports a great-for-tier rating. However, she is limited to 3km and her guns are outdated, She is rated at about 25.

6x1  -Type 3 L/40 8cm                         - MR 14 dps @ 3km  

4x2 - Type 91 "HI" L/39                        - MR 96 dps @ 2.5km Note! these could have been single mounts

5x2 - MG 08 -7.92mm                          - SR 45 dps  @ 1.5km Note! could be Vickers or Maxim and they could also be in single mounts or just onboard, sources vary.

This leaves her with more lethal fire over Yübari but only when the enemy is right ontop of her and she has no FlaK clouds to compensate for dps or to delay planes. 



Ning Hai is not very fast for a light cruiser, but she is faster than her half-sister by 2 knots (thus why this post is about her, not her sister) which is interesting considering she is heavier and they both have the same machinery on paper. She doesn't have turbines available and will be sluggish at 23.2kn/h

!Note! sources vary on they did or did not have the same engine arrangement & number of screws.



This is a small light cruiser of the same dimensions as the ship she is modeled on. She shouldn't be visible at more than 10.5km



This is a Tier IV or V cruiser with a rather sluggish speed and little armour but a reliable artillery package and as a Pan-Asian ship, she is open for innorvation.

She is also one if not the most powerful chinese vessel available before the outbreak of world war 2 and deserves a place in the game.

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Tech tree, Premium, or weeb?



Ping Hai.png

Ping Hai

Ning Hai.png

Ning Hai


If you don't mind the latter they're a very popular duo that are independently meh but when sortied together have bonuses and boosts to become very strong. WOWSxAL could reflect this with a loadout of consumables designed to offer what the other lacks for meme divisions. E.g. Ping Hai has PA smoke and TRB, Ning Hai has the spotter and MBRB.

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1 hour ago, DanSilverwing said:

Tech tree, Premium, or weeb?

I'm afraid the ships wouldn't fit any of the 3 options really simply because they are slow and light. It's a terrible combo often seen with a lot of ships which would be just fine in the game, if only they were faster. (Check my articles on HDMS Niels Juel, DKM Brummar)

This class can neither run nor slug it out against other cruisers except perhaps Yübari and that french one which does little than die it seems...

But if you by-pass that observation:

Ping Hai is a Techtree Tier III-IV cruiser at best.

-She is one of the few "truely" pan-asian ships as she is made in China rather than just imported from the UK & Germany.

-She posses a Jap-refit as Hull(B) with better AA & can be equiped with modern torpedoes. 

-Crawling smokescreen but only 1 charge available by default

-Short lasting engine boost of 50% to push her speed to 31.5kn vs the 21kn default but only for 45 secounds at a time.

(Engine boost cruisers would help balancing a lot of potential vessels)


Ning Hai is a premium Tier IV-V cruiser who is better than her half sister in most aspect by default, atleast on paper.

-Spotter plane available,  quicker than average recharging.

-Unlimited AA alert but it only gives a minor (25% dps) boost and lasts 30 secounds.

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