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Golden Seaman 2020 (40k Collab...ish)

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I imagine that most of you who've chosen to read this are aware of the reference in the thread title, but for the uninitiated: Golden Demon is Games Workshop's premier painting/modelling competition held every year at Games Day. Inspired by a recent post (that for the life of me I can't now find, it's possible it was on the NA forum instead) and disappointed by the Imperium 'blue stripe' temp camos from the event crates, I thought we could have a go at something similar with a bit of a WoWs twist...


And yes, the winner (we can judge by number of likes on posts for whenever the thread seems to have run its course, if it's that important to anyone) will receive triumphal showers both golden and seamen :Smile_trollface:




  • To submit an entry: take a ship; add a camo; try to come up with the most '40k' combination you can; then post a screenie of it for our edification/the merciful attentions of His Imperial Terran Majesty's Most Holy Inquisition


  • Only submit one entry per post and wait for at least one other person to post an entry (not just comment) afterwards before doing another; that way the individual posts don't get too long and everyone should have an equalish crack at the whip


  • Only use a given ship (including clones, so the ARP Kongo sisters count as Kongo etc.) for a max. of one entry, although sister ships with different models (eg. Omaha and Marblehead) are fair game


  • Only use a given camo once (something available in the game as standard, no mods, but permaflages and obscure ones from ages ago are fair game)


  • Feel free to add a short caption and/or pic of the 40k inspiration for your choice as explanation


  • Red wunz go faster!!

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