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Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

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1 hour ago, MacArthur92 said:

You know I mean Venezia will be still playable. Unlike Henri. 


TBH, Henri speedboost dodging at range was as bad as Venezia right now.

And i think Henri is still better than Hindenburg... but thats the stupid WG gimmicks being at fault. MBRB should never exist.

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5 hours ago, MrWastee said:

sap in itself/as a concept deserves getting scrapped imho. venezia was like the only viable pick next to stalin (up the the only one) and cv's in last cb season. the ship is so gimmickly overloaded, with workable AA (lol) and concealment, good agility, fuel smoke, SAP, torps and not too bad survivability.....

called it from the start, concept of the line is borked. and venezia at the top close to being... i dunno woat it is, but for sure not balanced! i don't know either what to behold of these changes now, i sense it to not be fitting the matter really.


:cap_like:remember when "everybody and their mother" was laughing at us when we said Venezia has the makings of an utterly broken ship and claiming its a "usles pice of trash that cant start fires" funny how now the song has changed...

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