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Submarine retained in port bug.

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A minor if amusing bug.
I right clicked on my three subs and "bought" them for the hefty sum of 0 credits. This removed the countdown clock on them

I have discovered they have both remained in my port and I can still play them.


I've been playing quite a few submarine matches, but very rarely as subs, and rather enjoyed swiftly levelling Trento, Fushun, Västerås, Hatsuharu & Fubuki

This isn't much of relevance since submarine battles end in two days time. 

Also, have a screenshot of me being rammed by a sub in Warspite.


Warspite ramming sub.jpg

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12 hours ago, firerider202 said:

they will get removed with next patch.

Yes, exactly Captain, 


Due to a technical problem, some users will keep the submarines in the port even after the rental is due. The submarines will be removed from their accounts with the release of Update 0.9.6.

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