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Tier 8 Premium Odin Secondary Build Guide

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Hello and welcome everyone, I've had a real blast testing and playing the Odin in recent weeks experimenting with different kinds of builds and finally settled on two builds that work very well indeed. I'm going to cover the Odin in two separate videos part 1 being this secondary build including the full ship build including modifications and captain skills along with the strategy on how to play Odin with this build and the reasoning behind picking the skills and modifcations for this really fun secondary build.
It might differ slightly from conventional thinking on secondary builds but it works and is a ton of fun playing Odin this way. Part 2 will come soon featuring Odin with a concealment set up where the strategy and playstyle changes but again Odin proves it's versatility and works very well in this different role. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7



I'm uploading content every week to You Tube and you can also find me now on Twitch also under the same name you can find both links here below.


My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito You Tube
You can now also find me on Carbine Carlito Twitch

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Nice review. Personally i use my GK captain for this which has primarily secondary build however - in the modules i put guns accuracy instead of secondary battery modification (with flag then the Secondary range is 10.1 km).


After playing couple of battles with this new ship i noticed the following problems:

  1. HP Pool is way too low - this is too low for brawling - Scharnhorst at T7 has more HP than Odin at T8 - both should represent the same play style - i think at T8 this ship should have at least 62 k HP. Getting hit by torp is a problem. Remember this ship might land on T10.
  2. Gun ranges - 19.1 km? Scharnhorst has better range at T7. If the range is so short than it should have cruiser accuracy
  3. Consumables - very low HP should be compensated by something - either by pt 1 or by improved heal with shorter cooldown
  4. Fuse time on AP shells - ship is very ineffective on ... cruisers - scoring plenty of overpens (i scored 6 overpens on a broadside Cleveland with 2 salvos and 1 pen only when ship slightly angled). Shorter fuse would solve this and change this ship to more like Stalingrad type.
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