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Nothing here is new there are many posts that have covered these ships, this is just my take on what is probably now a stale idea. I am also not very knowledgeable. 

Please improve on these ideas with your thoughts.


I think the Japanese cruiser line works well and does not need improvement except maybe a little on the Ibuki and Aoba (I do not believe this but some people have commented negatively about them).

The following are just ideas if they ever decide to add more IJN cruisers.

It will be a scouting cruisers line that will consist of 3 ships and three premium/resource ships.


The Scouting Cruiser line

Main advantage is slightly better (It could be made to be vastly better)  seaplane consumables and better AA.

I believe these uniquely designed ships will add something different to the game.


The ships

The ships will be the light cruiser Oyodo, the Mogami cruiser after being converted into a seaplane cruiser and the heavy cruiser Tone.



There are three ways I see these ships being tiered.

Tier 5 - Oyodo

Tier 6 - Mogami

Tier 7 - Tone


Tier 6 - Oyodo

Tier 7 - Mogami

Tier 8 - Tone


Tier 5 - Oyodo

Tier 6 - no ship available

Tier 7 - Mogami

Tier 8 - Tone


As a bonus tier, the Chikuma could be added but the only difference between Chikuma and Tone will be slightly better AA. That makes the following undesirable.

Tier 5 - Oyodo

Tier 6 - Mogami

Tier 7 - Chikuma

Tier 8 - Tone


The Oyodo class

  • Armor

The ship will be less armored than the Furutaka.

"Oyodo was fairly well protected when compared to allied light cruisers" - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.55.

I am not sure about the citadel situation 

  • Survivability

The Oyodo will have less hit points than the Furutaka since it is a light cruiser.

The hit points could also be the same since the difference in ship type is represented by the armor i.e. even with the same hit points the Oyodo will receive more damage than the Furutaka from the same hit. Also, the Furutaka has a similar displacement to the Oyodo and the Oyodo carried more crew member.

  • Main Armament

Two triple 15.5cm turrets at the front with similar characteristics to the ones on the 15.5cm variant Mogami aside from the range and no main armament at the rear.

  • Range

It should be worse than the Furutaka by about 8 percent according to Mark Stille's tables of Max ranges of different Japanese main gun types in his books "Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945" and "Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945"

This could also be based on the ship's range finderradar limits rather than maximum gun range.

In the end it should be a small and fair reduction in range from the Furutaka's.

  • Torpedoes

None are available which can be mitigated as a disadvantage by being implemented as reducing the base chance of a devastating strike. Though this will not be enough to justify the ship as competitive or even as worth playing over the Furutaka.

  • AA

It would be awesome if it had better AA than the Furutaka.

"In late October (1944), four more single 25mm guns were added for a final total of 57 – 12 triple and 21 single mounts." - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40

  • Speed

35 knots

  • Concealment

It could be equal to the Furutaka or better.

Generally, I see Oyodo's concealment as being determined by tests given the lack of rear turrets, I am not sure how it will play.


The Aircraft Cruiser Mogami

It will need a name different from the Mogami to distinguish it. This could be a minor issue or possible a stressful one.

  • Armor

It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami which is why it could be too well protected for Tier 6 but the Graf Spee is at Tier 6 and it has better armor.

  • Survivability

It should have slightly less hit points than the tier 8 Mogami.

  • Armament

It will be similar to 20.3cm variant tier 8 Mogami aside from the range and there being no rear armament.

  • Range

It should be slightly better than the Aoba or the same.

  • Torpedoes

It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami.

  • AA

It should be better than tier 8 Mogami's AA.

  • Speed

It will be similar to the Tier 8 Mogami.

  • Concealment

It will depend on tests.


The Tone Class

  • Armor

It is better than the Mogami Class.

It should have a citadel that sits lower in the water.

The main belt is slopped 20 degrees as opposed to Myoko’s 12 degrees.

"This class was the best protected of the IJN's heavy cruisers. The total weight of armor and protective plating was nearly identical to that of the Mogami class, but since all the turrets were grouped forward, a heavier scale of protection could be provided over a more compact magazine area" - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40.

This is what will make it effective for tier 8. It being good at tanking damage.

  • Survivability

It should be better than tier 8 Mogami due to the better armour, there being no guns at the rear allowed for no chances of magazine detanation if shell land there and a greater space for the crew to spread. Also, as a bonus "These ships were reportedly the most comfortable of the Japanese cruisers, which were notorious for discomfort." - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.54

  • Main Armament

Four twin 20.3cm gun turrents at the front and none at the rear.

If you enjoy variety even at the cost of including paper ships, four triple 15.5cm gun turrets at the front and none at the rear. “Before the construction of the ships had proceeded to the upper deck, existing naval treaties lapsed, so the triple 6.1 in turrets were replaced with twin 8in turrets.” - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.42.

The guns could be made to seem more accurate due to them being positioned close to each other.

  • Range

It should be similar to the tier 8 Mogami

  • Torpedoes

Similar to the Myoko?

  • AA

I would expect them to be the best in the Japanese cruiser line, except for maybe the Zao, due to its numerous gun mounts and it's "more modern Type 94 high-angle director for the 5in guns."

  • Speed


  • Concealment

It should be similar to the Mogami or may be better.




This is where these ships' advantages over the standard Japanese cruiser line lie.

  • The Oyodo will have 3 consumable slots like the Furutaka but with the option of spotting available i.e. Damage party, Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter/Spotting.
  • The Aircraft cruiser Mogami will have 5 consumables (Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.)
  • The Tone will have will have consumables like Aircraft Mogami or 6 consumables (Damage party, Hydro, Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.)

The fighter and spotting consumable will either have a slightly shorter cool down or a slightly longer duration as compared to the average. Something like 15 more seconds on spotting to allow a possible one extra salvo.

The ships will come equipped with one more fighter than the base making the “Direction Center for Fighters” captain skill unnecessary.

The ships will have the average number of consumables.


The Premium/resource Ships

IJN Sakawa

Unfortunately the Yahagi exists thus this will just be a duplicate.

A beautiful ship.

Tier 5.

Good AA for a Japanese ship with 10 25mm triple mounts and 42 25mm single mounts.


IJN Agano-Kai (Possibly)

Tier 6 or Tier 5 given how the Yahagi performs.

A paper ship. The real Agano will just be a dublicate of the IJN Sakawa with weaker AA. I am not all that into paper ships but it could be fun.

As opposed to the real Agano, it has an extra twin 15.5cm gun turrent at the rear. It has a longer hull, a larger smoke stack and an additional 8cm type98 HA guns in twin mounts.


IJN Maya

Tier 7.


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