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Ships kiting away

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That means sailing away from the enemy while exchanging fire with the enemy. Best case scenario is when you pull the enemy in a direction you want.

Kiting has the advantage that you shoot the enemy from a closer range than he shoots you. Some ships also have more guns in the stern direction.

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And on top of that u can "quickly" disengage too since u move forward instead of reversing. So u don't show broadsides to enemies, since u already turned and u are angled.

U keep throttling your speed to throw off incoming fire.

I like this tactic alot. It's very flexible, and it keeps u from being a stationary target.

I actually used this on Izumo when grinding her, quite a few times. That let me have 9 barrels on the enemy while I had most of my secondaries pointed towards anyone coming to close.


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