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"YOU vs. ME - Tournament"

(the best opportunity to train your Clan members for next CB Season)



The "YOU vs. ME Tournament" is a community project that aims to help its members practice hard for upcoming clanwars seasons. Because of this, there is to be a meeting soon to finalise the details between the clan leaders.


Because we see most clans struggling with preparation and training for CB, sometimes you don’t have that many people to make the second team that you can use to train (in house training).

  • Before the points and the final score for this Tournament are considered, what matters most in this challenge is the training element, that time u can give to your members and clan Commanders and prepare them for the next CB season.
  • All the time Meta changes, new maps, new ships, and you have to jump into CB without testing it beforehand.
  • This is a great way to prepare and make your Clan more competitive.
  • The event is very flexible when we are talking about things like time schedule (day and hour), people that u can bring to this "U.vs.M." Tournament
  • Besides all of this, you have access to a big community, private chat with other Clan Commanders (where u can establish other friendly battles when u need and want).

All the details about this Tournament u can find on https://you-vs-me.eu/


So far we have completed the 'Stage 1' and 'Stage 2' test (more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/all-events/).
Every clan that has participated in this event so far has given us positive feedback. They also enjoyed the idea so much that they asked us to continue with the program and have already signed up for the next stage.

You can contact us directly here, or you can use this Discord invitation (https://discordapp.com/invite/R6vdH2Z).

There you will be assigned an Ambassador role (there we will have a private channel just for us).


To register your Clan please use the following link:



How are the rules and step for Stage 3?...

(this can be changed after we talk with all registration Commander Clans)


We can start to assume the following.


Maps - until CW maps are known commanders will each choose two maps to play from the CW list.
Lineup - 8 players TIER X ONLY
    - 2bb’s or 1bb/1cv
    - Unlimited Cruisers and Destroyers. (as per CW)
    - No restrictions on Tree/Premium ships

Game time - 20 minutes

Observers are encouraged and expected - footage of how we play is invaluable training material - any footage taken must however be available to both participating clans.

4 rounds will be played between each team and the results reported
The results from each round are collated, like in a league, with 3 points per win, 1 per draw 0 per loss.
Each missed game carries a penalty of 1 point.

There is a pool of mercenaries that can also be asked to join your team if needed (solo or other clan players) these are limited to a maximum of 2 per team

Commanders or their chosen representative will be asked to join the conversation when registration ends so that this will be the best training tournament possible for all our needs.

In the event of any major disagreement between clans the big decisions are taken collectively

This League is serious but has its focus on being hard training for our member clans.
In addition to league play, where we test our skills and strategies for the upcoming CW the community members often arrange practice matches with each other which are at the discretion of the clans involved and in addition to league play.

Scheduling games - when you register we ask you to tell us which weekdays your clan can play and optimum times. This enables the organiser to schedule games easily so that we can get the schedules out to you all as early and accurately as possible.

Hope to meet you, Commander!





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