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DD UU change 0.9.5

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Hello all,


Since a few of the UU (or legendary modules) were changed in 0.9.5, I'd like to ask for specific DD feedback from players involved in order to help WG evaluate the changes properly.



Heavyweight Artillery (Khabarovsk, fifth slot)

  • Removed a penalty that reduced the traverse speed of her main turrets.
  • The bonus applied to the main battery’s firing range increased from 8 to 10%.
  • Added a 20% penalty to the action time of the ship’s consumables.

Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reload (Shimakaze, sixth slot)

  • The penalty reducing the torpedo tube traverse speed has been decreased from 80 to 70%.

Enhanced Armaments (Yueyang, fifth slot)

  • The bonus that reduces the main battery reload time has been increased from 10 to 15%.
  • Removed penalties on the action time of ship consumables.
  • Added a bonus increasing the action time of Surveillance Radar.
  • Added a bonus increasing smoke screen dispersion time by 20%.
  • Removed a bonus that reduced the torpedo tube reload time.

For myself, I have stopped using the Khabarovsk UU some time ago mainly due to the lack of maps you can properly use the UU on and the appearance of Venezia and spread of the Stalingrad and Thunderer which are all ships that pretty much nail me (I know it can be my lack of skil) at any range I can engage them at with 8.9 sec rudder.


Post patch I tried a few builds on wowsft but concluded that the loss of staying power is too much compared to the gain in range/DPS and compensating by switching to smoke ... well I prefer to buy the Tashkent ...

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