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Possible Spotting Bug

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Was in a battle yesterday, exchanging fire with enemy Iowa and Cleveland at a distance of around 3.5km, when suddenly both disappeared. About 15-30 seconds later (sense of time is sometimes screwed in the heat of battle) the Cleveland popped up 1.5km away from me, 5-10 seconds after that the Iowa reappeared about 3km behind me. There were no objects between us at that time, but it looks from the screenshot like I hit the very outskirts of a smoke screen (that was not visible on my screen while steering both in 3rd person  or sniper view). 

Now that I saw the smoke when seeing the screenshot I'm not 100% sure anymore that this is a bug, but the fact that I was at the very border of said screen at short distance and in the middle of main and secondary guns firing from both enemies and me still seems to me like this warrants a closer look if the spotting mechanics might have a bug since last patch



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Looks like a smoke screen to me too, especially with the dead destroyer, however i agree that the spotting system could be made a little clearer in terms of smoke screens, as it can be difficult to tell if you're inside one or not at the moment.

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