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Increase Raptor Torpedo Resistance A Little Bit Pls

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Hi guys,


Just a little request for the devs here same as my little request for slightly weaker last wave ships in Newport.


Again, this is a request not in the interest of dumbing the game down and just a case of reporting on what seems to happen a little bit too often which could stand to be adjusted just a little bit for the good of the game(and a players sanity!!).


Your average Joe struggles to kill enemy ships in this game, I'm nothing amazing myself and of course others actually struggle to grasp the whole concept of the most essential primary objective of this mission(Even though the hint is the bloody name of the mission itself). So bearing that in mind what happens a lot is the battle is lost right at the very end and that's just really annoying and kick in the balls after investing 20 minutes into a mission. 


There's lots of reasons the mission can be lost way sooner than that which I won't get into because in all those cases the loss is 100% deserved and a case of "get good!". Of course if all players were sharper at shooting, reacting and positioning themselves properly this is a pretty easy mission but again it just comes back to your average Joe or clueless Bob and that's fine, all are welcome obviously but it's just that last wave that can really catch out teams after doing an ok and solid job of keeping the CV alive up to that point. Problem is that usually the Raptor can be pretty beat up at this point of the last wave or that Ninja spawn as I prefer to call it in which usually a couple of BB's and a couple of cruisers pop out from behind an island and even the BB's seem to be torpedo capable lol and of course while the team is desperately trying to deal with them inevitably one or two of those bots manages to unleash an absolute wall of torpedoes enough to finish off the Raptor and end the mission right on the finish line which is just really dejecting tbh like I said after investing 20 minutes into this mission and being so close. Way more annoying than some early exit since that was obviously a fast loss and a complete shhhh-show of clueless Muppets.


So I really think just a little more torpedo resistance % would be a great thing without taking away from the challenge of this nice Ops mission. That way, the Raptor wouldn't be shotgunned so easily for maybe just one or two Bots momentarily breaking through the defenses whose actually reason for breaking through the defenses can also be down to some unlucky RNG with that same bot boat being dead 9 times out of 10 for the same shots on its side. This would also still keep the Raptor as weak as it is to being set on fire and punishment from guns which is fine and would usually take a good beating to be killed this way in which case the team didn't do a good job and deserved the loss this way so just the torpedo resistance would be great.



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