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June 10th 1918, a date to remember

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Dear friends
today 10 June, the anniversary of what was called the "Premuda achievement" occurs. That is, the sinking of the Austro Hungarian battleship "Szent Istvan".
The episode is of great historical importance for several reasons:
1. The Austro-Hungarian Navy was aiming to force the blockade in the Adriatic with the most impressive naval deployment put in place up to that time. The sinking of Szent Istvan forced the imperial navy to give up its goal.
It was therefore a tactical and strategic victory at the same time.
2. Because the sinking of the Battleship costed many millions of Shillings by a very cheap motorboat armed with torpedoes, marked a turning point in future naval strategies and made it clear how much the torpedo, a relatively new weapon, could affect the naval field, making the large "dreadnaught" quite vulnerable.
3. Because the sinking of the Szent Istvan was filmed live by a film crew on board the sister ship "Teghetoff". The document shows all the drama of those moments and is a fragment of the past that has come down to us.
If you want to see a documentary on You Tube there are several: the very short version of the facts is described here


Wish all of you a good 10th of June


PS in game you can play the other sister ship "Viribus Unitis" .

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