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Suggestion for Premium Ship for Farming and of course enjoying playing it

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So I am thinking of buying a premium ship for farming, but I m new to the game, and kinda overwhelmed with the information. There are several threads and youtube videos, but they seem outdated since most of the ships they suggest are no longer available. So dear captains, which one you would suggest buying? I am leaning towards Scharnhorst.

Also, is there any discount coming in the foreseeable future? I see that Wargaming is presenting a lot of such discounts every now and then. Is there anything on the schedule? Thanks.


I don't want to spend more than 30ish Euro in the shop. Maybe 35 max ceiling.


Thanks :)

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So it depends on what you want to do, exactly.


Premium ships have much better credit modifiers, so they earn more base credits than tech tree ships. If your base credits are already better then it makes the multipliers from Premium time and special flags even more valuable.

But they generally don't have better XP modifiers, so if you wanted to farm experience points (for free XP maybe) there isn't much of a benefit.


What battle mode do you want to play?


If you play Random battles (pvp) you will gain more XP overall. If you play co-op (pve) your battles will be quicker, more consistent, and have cheaper service costs (-50%). You can also do pve Operations (special battle modes for Tier 6 and Tier 7 ships) but the results are not certain, the rewards are not what they used to be, and the duration is often pushing 20 minutes anyway.

Have a look at the more detailed explanation on the Wiki: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Service_Cost


What tier do you want to play?


Higher tiers are even better for earning both XP and credits, but service costs go up, and so does the general skill gap and the power gap. You could buy your way straight to Tier 9, but if you don't already have experience of playing high tiers you might find yourself not scoring very high damage or XP and either dying very quickly or not being in a position where you can get high scores. Even in co-op. Which is a shame because the Tier 9 ships (available in the Armory for Coal, but also sold directly in the WG shop) are absolutely the best potential earners you can get (i.e. you can earn lots of credits, but then the service costs are also high, so your actual profit might not be better than playing a battle at a lower tier with lower credits and commensurate lower service costs).


Personally I have a rather nice Tier 8 Destroyer that I use for farming credits in co-op. Destroyers work best because they're first to engage, and the service costs are cheapest. Battleships don't generally do well there, so again if you were to follow recommendations and buy yourself a Georgia at Tier 9 you might often not be able to make much profit because of lower damage output and the higher service costs.


So where does that leave you? For farming pure XP you might just be better off using a variety of different ships for the daily first win bonus. For that approach you would find Premium account time has the best returns as you get a 50% bonus to base credits and a 65% bonus to base XP. Using camouflages and economic flags then becomes more viable as you're getting more out of them. But if you really want a ship the best way is to buy Doubloons and then pick up a ship in the Armory using your 25% discount coupon.

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If you want to, you could do some of the Odin grind (most stages to keep within your budget), and then spend to get the last 2 stages done (around 90% off the total cost).

If you were to buy a ship in the premium shop, then you could (in theory) go up to tier 8 (upper limit).

Also, you should choose the ship that you will get based on your playstyle.

For now, I would suggest grinding most of Odin and then getting it, but if you don't have the time then it might be a good idea to look at something else.

If you want to farm low tiers and have a truckload of fun, you might want to take a look at the Smith (under 1 Euro). I've found the ship highly enjoyable with the torp reload speed and the guns.

However, Smith doesn't net you much in total (compared to a higher tier ship), but can absolutely murder cruisers and battleships that are too close (1-2k), but it might not be the ship for you.

I hope this helps you.

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