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[OMRON] Shipfu Fan Clan is looking for weebs to join us in clan battles

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Hello OMRON is looking to recruit fun people to div up with. 

We are a small community of active players, we started playing clan battles this season and struggled to get 7 members to play twice per week. So that's why we are looking for you.

We had a clan battle win rate of ~50% (it was 49% but we pretend we got a positive win-rate for the sake of our ego).

Also note that we are all weeabo trash and our discord server reflects that. 



clan: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500175734,OMRON-Shipfu-Fan-Clan/

me: https://wows-numbers.com/player/526280093,SMOKE4FUN_BLAZE_IT/ 


What we are looking for:

  • You.
  • Somebody with basic knowledge of the game or somebody that is willing to improve.
  • Somebody that wants to join clan battles next season.
  • Fellow weebs/degenerates.
  • Having your own T10 would be a huge plus but its not required.
  • Somebody that does not trash talk our unicum CV main, he gets enough abuse from me already.
  • Discord is mandatory since just spamming Poi in chat does not always convey as much as we think it does. 
  • ???


About us:

We are a normal clan that is totally not filled with weebs.

Furthermore we misspelled our clan tag, everybody tells us we swapped the M and the O around for some reason. 

Seriously blame Tiger for this stupid tag we keep telling him to change it but he wont listen. 


Perks of joining us:

  • We will tell you to just dodge every time a CV strikes you, because we care about you like that.
  • You can call us weebs, because you care about us like that.
  • Almost maxed clan bonuses.
  • Anime girls that get spammed in the discord server. (Idk if this is even a perk)



You can add me in game, or message me on discord which is:

Hungry Dolphin#3051 

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