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[NMA] & [NMB] - Recruiting all types of players!

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We are a group of friendly and active players from all over Europe. We are a Typhoon clan and have reached this level consistently since the clans inception. We are looking for new members who can help us push to the next level. Discord and a working mic is essential. We offer a competitive environment where while winning is important it isn't everything. We like to compete and while we are active in clan battles we like to keep a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Divisions with clan mates is usually available every night if that interests you. We are also active on the competitive scene with participation in the KOTS tournament.



Requirements : 

1) Have stats similar or better than the clan average (~56%wr) & at least 1000 battles

2) Have access to a few meta TXs

3) Not easily offended - We like to joke!

What we can offer you :

1) A friendly and competitive environment where you can play clan battles, divisions and KOTS depending on what you want to participate in.

2) A good platform to further yourself as a player. We have some experienced and helpful players that are always willing to help you along the way.

3) Good economic bonuses just for being part of the clan! Including steel and coal bonuses.


Clan Stats : https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500196378,NMA-No_Mangoes_Allowed



These are soft stats requirements and we will assess all applications on a case by case basis, so join our discord if you’re interested. We believe recent stats are a much more accurate method of determining player skill so bear that in mind. If you don’t meet these requirements, check out our sister clan NMB that caters for everyone! 





NMB - No Mangoes Bonked 
NMB was established as a sister clan to NMA. It aims to provide a community for players who are interested in learning to play the game at a higher level. If you are interested in joining NMA but do not meet the requirements, NMB is the place for you! It offers a chance for players to learn the ropes and improve as a player!  
Requirements : 
1) Be somewhat competent at the game and understand basic mechanics. 
2) An attitude to learn. 
3) Not easily offended!
If you are interested join the discord link below! 





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