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It's hard to have an opinion on what happened without a replay, Captain @Cpt_P4N0S_GR, but any ship that gets within 2 km will be proximity spotted even through an island, let alone a smoke screen. So my guess would be that if you failed to spot a smoked-up Friesland who was that close to you, then a) the Friesland was not quite as close as 2 km, and b) it was some other ship that was shooting at you from the other side of the smoke screen. These things happen.


It should be said that the Friesland does have a fairly small smoke firing penalty. I don't know exactly how small, but he could probably have been sitting somewhere between 2 and 3 km from you and still been shooting unspotted.

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28 minutes ago, Cpt_P4N0S_GR said:

if you can see the replays i went straight to him becausei had met him other times, iapologise for the inconvenience and for my english. I maybe wrong. thanks



Watched the replay - you didn't get anywhere close to being 2km from him. You were approximately 3km (looking at the range indicator next to your reticule) from the nearest edge of his closest smoke "ring" when you died and if you look at the pattern of visible smoke circles he had moved away from you while smoking and so was sitting in a "ring" that was a good deal further away than that.


To answer your earlier question it's you being blind, nothing more.


Hope this helps.

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Thread closed.


The question was already answered in your second thread:


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