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Possible RN Release Tree

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Weekend Tester
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First post on the forum, I was looking through ships of the Royal Navy from WW1 and WW2 and put this release tree for the BB and CV's. This is Based upon my personal ideas and what I've noticed in the IJN and USN tech trees in 0.3.1 build of WoWS



Tier                  CV                     BB               



III                                         Dreadnought

IV                Argus               St Vincent

V                 Attacker           Iron Duke

VI                Hermes            Queen Elizabeth

VII               Glorious           Nelson

VIII              Ark Royal         King George V

IX                Illustrious         Vanguard

X                 Malta                Lion


Any Feedback??

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Beta Tester
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UHm... Lion would stay between Tier 8 and 9... surely not 10. Amagi has 10 16" guns and it's tier 8...


Not to mention  Vanguard.

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Beta Tester
13 posts
2,949 battles
1     Drake  
2   Neptune Monmouth  
3   Orion Devonshire  
4 Argus Iron Duke Emerald Tribel
5 Hermes Renown Dido  
6 Colossus Revenge Belfast  
7 Courageous Nelson Minotaur  
8 Illustrious King George V York  
9 Ark Royal Lion  County/ Kent  
10 Implaceble Vanguard County/ London  
prem Attacker Warspite Sirius Wickes


This is what i have come up with so far.


DD wise you can go From A class to Z class


Say what you think of this


kind regards 


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