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done... bye WoWs

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It's taken me less time to see through WoWs than WoT.


WoWs has been a big timesink lately, and I have now come so far as to take a big time off from it.


There are many sources of frustration in this game - first of which CV, but there is also the MM and the RNG... the new turn that events have taken, and I don't doubt submarines will be disgusting too.


Then it downed on me - what WoT and WoWs have in common: not enough gratification.

The introduce more and more RNG, powercreep, and at the end someone who doesn't play too well gets 48% winrate vs. 52% or something for someone who is not too bad, while being frustrated 50% of battles by CV and other unfair things such as unfair MM, leaving very little battles to have a decisive influence on.

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Thank you for your post. 

It is clear that you wanted to state your farewell to the game. 

So this topic will be locked in order to prevent it to turn into usual fiesta. 


I understand you have issues with MM and CVs, you can always post in their respective sticky threats to discuss about those issues. 


Sad to see a player leave. 



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