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DKM Brummer was a training ship built in the mid-1930s. In peacetime she was used for turbine test and development as well as gunnery training. 

In 1939 she would be used for minelaying at the polish coast and later, commercial raiding till she was sunk by submarine in 1940. 

!OBS! I've noted the main armerment varies, although it always says 2x2 or 8 total.

If 2x2 is the case, Artillery & AA is reduced... though this post is based on the 8 total.



Brummers' Advantages

- Fearse AA rating.

- Secoundary batterie.

- 8 main guns with high rate of fire.

- Small dimensions more akin of a destroyer.


Ingame Stats & Characteristics

As a training ship, she's a rival to IJN Katori and IJN Yubari with her fair share of characteristic diffrences and simularities. 


The main guns may leave something to be desired. 

8x 10.5cm L/63 c/33, highly modern guns and perhaps the best in that specific caliber.

They are light for naval arms, but seemingly no other vessel uses these as main guns, rather settleing with L/45, leaving this weapon with higher velocity, greater range & flater trajectory.

On top of being the best of the small, these are DP guns with a maximum cealing of 11km


Secoundary Guns

Let's not bother really, just your friendly average 8.8cm L/45 c/35.

HE shells for the HE shell god!





AA Guns

Brumma packs a mixed array of AA guns. The guns are listed as such.

4x 2cm FlaK c/30

8x 3.7cm SK L/83 c/30

2x 8.8cm SK L/45 c/35

8x 10.5cm c/33 L/63  

This would however make Brumma hard-ish to balance. She is worth about 110 dps at LR with her MR & SR AA only adding +25 & +32 dps.

To make it more interesting, the 8.8cm would realisticly be limited to the 4.6km range mark

If AA was a simple linear function, Brumma would be able to spawn 3+1* FlaK clouds pr salvo 

* 8.8cm have shorter range than the 10.5cm this will give Brumma +1 FlaK cloud within their range (4.6km vs atleast 5.2km)



Brummer sports a top speed of just 23.1kn, which leaves her in the slow end of the scale but as a nice support for battleships. 

However tiny dimensions will also let her turn on the spot and she also has a great power to weight ratio, letting her reach her top speed quickly.



The ship is tiny, she's somewhat the size of a large destroyer, going by the stats for Katori & Yubari, both wich are 10-20 meters longer.

Her detection range should be about 10.2km and rated at 65 with her default paintjob.


Suggestive statistics:

These are based on the minimum stats which should be expected.

Artillery                - 22

AA                        - 29*

Maneuverability - 35

Concealment      - 64


These are based on the most optimistic stats which can be expected.

Artillery                - 26

AA                        - 46*

Maneuverability - 38

Concealment      - 68

*The Developers can phuck up the range and nerf her to the seabed if they want to.



I wouldn't mind paying for this ship as a premium and I would be playing this ship in Tier V battle or perhaps Tier VI with a good team. After that she would became a bare a!s version of Atlanta and die off alone.

+ She's a BBs guardian angel, easily dealing with any air target or DDs rounding a corner, maybe even scouting ahead. 

+ Her powerplant makes her excellent at peek-a-boo with fast acceleration around corners.

- The lack of torpedoes can and will be felt considering she can hide but she cannot run.

- She doesn't stand a chance in a fair fight as her combination of slow speed and thin armour leaves her vulnerable to anything with either more guns than her or armour to withstand her shells.


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