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Some questions regarding the submarines

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What skills should I pick for the submarine commanders? So far I only played them in that Halloween mode. Does LS have any benefit (how often does the engine or rudder break compared to DDs or CLs)? Does broken rudder affect only course steering or also diving/surfacing steering? Do the secondary guns benefit from BFT/AFT/DE/IFHE? Is it worth/needed to take TA? Does JoaT reduce time between sonar pings or are the pings considered a weapon - if so, does it benefit from TAE, BFT or AR? 

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  1. On PTS I haven't even had the chance for my engine or rudder to get knocked out. You either survive an attack or you don't. If subs are still the same, LS is worthless.
  2. What secondary guns?
  3. TA? Not really
  4. No idea


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