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Possible Submarine Mode XP + Mission Glitch

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Hi guys,


Just reporting, as title would suggest, a possible glitch. Just logged in and got in a quick battle to check out the no mode(featuring no submarines ironically) and as you can see from the screenshots beneath, it was a win with almost 5k xp and yet when I initially returned to the port the daily containers had shown that I had already collected the first container and was only a few xp from unlocking the second container. Now, I didn't actually have the first container to open it was just shown as already collected and I guess already opened without my knowledge of both lol. 


So I then switched battles modes to Ops and back to Subs again, without playing another battle, just switching modes and it reset back to a fresh zero xp and no daily containers collected yet lol. 


Also, when I completed that one and only battle I have played so far today, since it was a submarine mode battle, I was shown to have completed 1/5 from the "Cruel Ocean" of course which is one of the submarine mode related challenges in the combat missions and yet when I go and view this Cruel Ocean in the combat missions option it shows as 0/5. 


So um, ya.... there it is. A few wrinkles to be ironed out possible @WG devs.


Also, if you're going to have a submarine mode, maybe have the good sense to include some bloody submarines from the off instead of it translating into just a normal random battle since there's actually no submarines featured and thus no need for depth charges or any other submarine counter measures is there lol? I mean just give players some submarines to begin with for foch sake and 1. be lucky some players are both embracing the new gimmick that has brought so much negative press and 2. be lucky you have anyone playing your game at all. Don't get cheap or needlessly grindy about it, there's a good lads and remember, these subs are going to be just normal tech tree boats anyway that most players will just free xp and have all of them in an instant so don't make a song and dance about actually getting to try them. 


Possible Issue 1. Take a look at the battle played, nearly 5k xp, and now take a look at my daily container progress. Shows nothing at all.




Possible Issue 2. Having played a Sub-mode battle, I was shown 1/5 stages of the Cruel Ocean challenge complete and it currently shows 0/5 in the combat missions so not registering as played this sub mode.




Btw I haven't yet checked if the credits made from that battle registered or anything else so there may be more issues yet unnoticed. 

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