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Which build is better?

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These all look the same to me other than the slot 6 upgrade?


But personally I run my Georgia like this;


MAM1 in slot 1 because even as secondary spec you suffer a lot more from a knocked out main turret than any secondaries.

DCM1&2 in slots 2 and 4 should be standard on most BBs. You could put Engine Boost Mod here if you really wanted to as Georgia is one of the 180s engine boost ships in the game, meaning Engine Boost Mod increases the duration from 3 minutes to 4½ minutes.

SBM1 in slot 3 provides some of the necessary range for the secondary build.

CSM1 in slot 5 provides the invaleauble concealment reduction and the dispersion penalty adds a little to survivability.

APRM2 in slot 6 is a very powerful mod, dispersion bonuses are very powerful and although Georgia already has quite good dispersion for a BB she does only have 6 shells to fire. But unlike other BBs, she doesn't need to sacrifice the dispersion mod of slot 3 to get the secondary mod, because US dispersion mod is this slot 6 one. Even in a good game, you can still reach much further with your main guns and will deal a significant amount of your damage with them. You will not always be able to safely engage at secondary range. Dispersion mod is the most useful mod in slot 6, even for secondaries.


Skills, in this order

PT is a valuable skill, providing intel that is often otherwise unavailable which can help inform your decisions.

EM helps Georgia turn her guns, which are some of the slowest of any secondary BB.

SI helps keep Georgia alive with an additional repair party, a consumable that Georgia can use every 66s and a 4th Engine boost for those 15min+ games.

AFT further extends Georgias secondary range closer to its maximum, a necessity for an effective secondary build.

ManSec enhances Georgias already improved secondary battery dispersion to be very precise and enables to select a particularly desired target to focus secondary fire on.

DE increases secondary fire chance from their base 5% to 7%, a 40% increase. The US 127mm secondaries are, nowadays, not very good at causing raw damage. But their rate of fire and fire chance make them quite capable fire starters. I consider it optimal to enhance this aspect of the battery rather than aiming to improve their raw dpm.

AR increases the rate of fire of both main and secondary guns as you lose health, a signficant increase in exchange for your health, especially for a ship that is difficult to citadel and has good control of its HP thanks to fast reloading heals. Properly abusing this skill with repair party management can be quite difficult, but even just benefitting from it naturally is highly effective use of 2 skill points.


Stuff I didn't recommend

I did not take BFT because, as above, I believe it is best to enhance the secondaries fire starting ability. And although increased rate of fire does result in increased fires started, DE does a better job of increasing the rate that you start fires. You could choose to take both BFT and DE for maximum fire starting, sacrificing SI means losing 1 entire repair party worth of potential HP.

I did not take IFHE for two reasons. Firstly, the benefits of IFHE means only increasing the penetration of the 127mm guns to 26mm instead of 21mm. 21 is fine for any ships superstructure and any DD except Khaba as well as a few CL plating like Smolensk and the Minotaur line. The 26mm you gain from IFHE lets you pen bow/stern plating on some tier 8-10 cruisers, tier 7 BBs and the central armor of tier 7 CAs. However, you overmatch all of this with your main guns anyway and the bow/stern are not often struck by secondaries as they aim for the center of the ship. A very small percentage of your shell hits will benefit from the added penetration. Secondly, in exchange for that penetration you are losing 2.5% of your fire chance.


This is what I would do, with justification. It may not neccessarily be the best build available, I am sure some would dispute it, but this is my suggestion.

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