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The RNG in this game is disgusting, and is the primary reason this game is considered a party game rather than a serious game, which of course means the competitive scene is a joke. The reason RNG exists to such a disgusting level in this game, is for one reason and one reason only, So [edited] (the majority of the customer base) can have a god game too, and therefore believe it was their skill instead of a dice roll in their favour that dev struck the target.The more RNG in a game the less skill dependent it becomes. What good players do, is minimize as much as they can their exposure to dice rolls, and position themselves effectively (positioning is probably the only real skill element in this mess).


We can all give numerous examples from our daily play, Such as today, a JB sitting stationary, giving me flat broadside at 9KM, with me in a soyuz. My aimpoint perfectly set as the [edited] sat there motionless. Boom my full salvo went it. 8K damage, 8 [edited]K. Result; [edited] player gets to live and think he had a good game.


What WG could do, is put your shots where you put your aimpoint, the game then could actually become a skill based game.

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1. Stay constructive with the next thread you want to open


2. Don't insult everyone that doesn't play to your standards.



Thread locked.

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