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Idea: Change for Captain/Crew System

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The first point english is not my native language, there is a also a german version. But i dont want my idea keep back for the english community thats why i post it here too. Want see your Feedback too.


Another thing, I know the game has bugs and balance problems but thats not the subject her so please consider that.


I play World of Warships now 2 Years maybe a bit longer and one thing bother me from the beginning, thats the capitan. The Ships are big and there live and work hundred or thousand people on and we have in the game just one person that take care of it.
In World of Tanks we have for a little tank 5 people, so why dont we have this in World of Warships? The captain is important for the ship, but the crew does control and keep it alive.
So why not change how the captain work and take new people beside for the crew.

The idea is to cut the captain skilltree of what a captain needs, the rest of skills goes to the new crew member. The new crew roles which could be taken would be for example.

Steersman, Gunner, Engineer and Navigator or Communication Specialist

The maximum level for every member would be go down to 10, while we now have more crew member.
To make it more exciting and more individual to your play style we have to choose a way for every crew member on what he is specialized.
Here are some example for all crew member. Please note there are only example and not a complete list.

I'm not quite sure what skills the captain should get at this point, maybe others here have some good ideas.
The legendary captains could maybe give a morale boost to one crew member which makes this a little more efficient?


The Steersman could give bonus of the maximum speed or rudder shift time and the time ships go to there maximum speed.


The gunner have to decide at the beginning if you want to boost the main battery, secondary armament or anti-aircraft defense of the ship.
Depending on the choice, you get a bonus in the direction, but on the other side also a small penalty to the other areas.
You could also build a balanced way in which all areas are addressed but receive no bonuses.
For example: If you want a ship that shoots further or more accurately, you choose the main battery, which makes secondary armament and anti-aircraft defense slightly worse.


The engineer you have to choose failure or fire and flooding. 
For exemple: Failure has influence on the time a gun has a failure or how big the chance is to get a failure or total failure, so on this way the duration from fire and flooding is bit longer.
Another exemple: Fire and flooding reduce the time for how long fire/flooding take or reduce the chance of fire/floodings. It can also have the skill fire prevention to reduce the maximum fire to three.

Navigator or Communication Specialist
Here we have to choose Camo & Detection or Consumables. Maybe later when submarine more integrated ingame we can choose another way for anti submarine fighting skills. 
For exemple: Want more consumables or how the works like Smoke Screen Expert or want more consumables Superintendent is the way Consumables.
Another exemple: I want the minimum ship detection or higher torpedo detection take the Camo & Detection way.

Thats all about my idea so far.
I know its not complete but this is not the point here. The last word for this is even by Wargaming this is just one idea to change the crew system a bit to make more opportunities and more individual.

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Just now, 159Hunter said:

WG said nope.

and I hope they won't change their mind. The WoWS system is much better than the WoT system, because of the single person as well as the limited number of skill points...


And afaik it is planned to rework the crew system in WoT which will develop it towards the WoWS system...

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7 minutes ago, firerider202 said:

a system similar to Wot would make the game even more complex for beginners than it is right now.

Not more complex, but the gap between old and new will be more important, because old one will have better captain.

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Vor 2 Minuten, Lebedjev sagte:

Not more complex

Instead of having one skill tree, you would have 4-5 trees with different skills and benefits.

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