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Tier 6 skill suggestion

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Hello wargaming, i would like ot suggest the implementation of 3 tier 6 skills into the game.


These skills should be mutually exclusive (can only ever have one on a given captain)


essentially these skilsl should grant +1 charge of one of the ship limited skills.


thus a BB might once per game drop a smoke screen, or a DD might use defensive fire once per game etc. or  a  BB might just get one more repair charge, if that's what they want.


sure this is rife with risk of ending with everyone taking the repair crew, but considering the three skilsl in question, i think all of them could be seen taken on all types of ships.


just a suggestion, for spicing thigns up a bit.

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Alpha Tester
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I must admit I don't like your skills suggestion.

It would probably be realistic that that every ship could make smoke, but what would balance the different shipclasses?

DD's with extra defensiv fire against air targets would only make sense for the USN (and they already have more)...

Your main point of a "tier 6" skill might be fun, but overall I think the current setup is fine. What might be more interesting, could be other parts of the crew, but then again, it might be to much 

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