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**-SOG- is Recruiting!!!**

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Hello captains! Allow me to introduce our clan.



Want to actually earn steel with others who are interested in building up steel instead of mucking about with "special tactics"?

Want to discuss numbers with people who actually know the numbers that aren't found in port?


If you answered yes to these, we have already established a couple of things in common!


SOG is a no-BS tight-knit, strong, active community of hardy individuals who spend plenty of time together shooting people in the face, then using their sinking ships as extra-thicc torpedo bulges. And when we feel the urge for some steel, we do that competitively. We push the limits of our play as much as possible and have a great laugh while doing so. If you want a competitive clan with proper ambitions and a strong, active and professional leadership structure, our doors are open to you.


All you need now is to get to know us. You can find us at our Discord in http://sonsofglory.club .


The ideal SOG member:


- Preferably someone with more experience and a good all-around knowledge of the ships and the game.

- Has a "can do" attitude in the face of strong adversity, even if the odds are clearly stacked against him

- Avoids overly toxic rampages against teammates and behaves as exemplary as possible in random battles, embracing the potatoes rather than complaining about them. They're a source of amusement, not a source of frustration.

- Doesn't faint when certain words are used in a lighthearted and appropriate context

- Understands the difference between banter and attacks, and knows how to have a good laugh at themselves.

- Isn't afraid to come up with bold ideas and put them forth




- Wants to draw some goddamn fun in this game


What do we want from you?


- 1500 battles minimum overall, in randoms
- Familiarity with multiple T10 ships (Our current CB comp is Venezia, Stalingrad, Haku, Halland and Hindy.
- WR 53% minimum, PR 1300 minimum
- Active participation in Discord

- Exceptions will sometimes be made depending on a detailed and profound analysis of other traits that determine whether the candidate has the wherewithal to meet these standards in the future


What do we offer in return?


- Competitive face shooting with a yummy side dish of citadel soup.

- Distribution of prize earnings from treasury for assistance in completion of a clan battles season. If you participated, and we earned coal and steel as a result of that participation, a large part of that reward will be set aside for distribution, and you will get a share proportional to your own participation.
- Nearly fully built naval base, with extra XP, FXP, coal, steel and other benefits galore.
- The possibility of 1-to-1 consultation with people familiar with ships that you may be struggling with. Some of them are even ship monks and gurus that have spent eons in the Ship Temple meditating.
- An SOG-exclusive academy where we uncover things that are hidden from port view, so you can master new lines from the outset like a goddamn Jedi.


If this sounds good to you, and you too would like to be part of our Ship Jedi Order within Sons of Glory, come and get to know us! We might just rub off on you the right way. Our core members are highly valued individuals and we make the best effort to keep everyone's morale high. We can't wait to include more people in this!


See you in our Discord!



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