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Returning to WoWs after 4 years

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Hi guys,

My name is Denis and I am looking for a clan to help me grow as a player and to become better at this game also I would like to participate in clan battles as well. Of course, I never participated in them so I would need guidance.

I started playing in Closed beta and played 1290 something battles until I took a break and went back to World of Tanks.


Anyway, I want to commit more to this game since I forgot how good this game is compared to WoT.


I am active like 7-8 hours per day depending on if I have obligations for my uni or some RL stuff. But most of the time I am at the damn PC.

Here is the link to my stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/528023601,trampo2306/

I know the statistics aren't good but I am grinding like mad for Moskva currently before they take it out and my recent stats went down since I am more of a BB player than a cruiser but I am trying.


I hope there is a clan willing to help me grow and improve as a player, casually, and on the competitive side. 

I hope I wrote everything needed.


Oh yea I am 29 years old btw :)


I live in Croatia, in EU xD

Thanks in advance!




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Hi. We are a fun clan with maxed out bonus'. We don't care about Win Rate, we play for laughs.  


As long as you are active and sociable you are welcome to join.


We play Clan Battles with one serious team and one learning team so everyone gets to play.


Msg me if you are interested.


Thx for your time :)

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Hi trampo2306,


i would like to invite you to join our clan, HANDS.


We have well organised clan battle teams for alpha and bravo, and we conduct regular training sessions where the experienced players teach tactics and mentor players on an individual level. You will be comfortable with those cruisers in no time, promise!


Hop on our discord if you're interested: https://discord.gg/AUk6zZe and poke me or one of the other recruiters for chat.


- jc

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On 5/17/2020 at 5:48 PM, trampo2306 said:

I found myself a clan. Thanks to everyone for the replies!


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