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Request: Filters for the the "Personal File" interface for better management of our commanders

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This is a request for the dev team:


Is it possible to incorporate filters for managing our commanders in the "Personal File" section?


When you start accumulating a lot of commanders from all the various nations, and it can be a hassle sorting out which commanders you have 19 points on, which ship(s) you have assigned certain commanders to (when shuffling commanders around on preium ships, altho i am using a mod to do that atm).


A "Commander Carousel" interface would be awesome, just like the one we have in port for ships.


My search filter requst would be similar to that of the existing filter for ships in port, but targeted for commanders;


Sort/Filter by:

  • Number of commander skills (drop down menu from 0-19 perhaps?) 
  • Nationality
  • Ship class assignment (whether the captain is assigned to CV, DD, CA/CL, BB or Sub)
  • Unique Commander
  • Reserve/Unassigned


Feedback to this request would be greatly appreciated!



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