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So I updated the client tonight - ammo effectiveness conclusion

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Beta Tester
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The only ship class that is more effective with AP than HE is battleship. On other classes I should use HE only vs everything. Even if I'm able to pen with AP.


HE upsides

- Big dmg

- Criticals

- Fires and huge accumulative dmg. Also forcing people to use up the repair skill

- No bounces, no aiming, you just need to hit, angling doesn't matter


HE downsides

- You'll miss some citadel hits, which isn't much of a deal considering how much dpm you can achieve with HE + fires


Correct me if I'm wrong pls. These are my initial impressions.

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Beta Tester
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So far my choice of ammo is HE at long range to deal crits, and AP when up close to deal massive damage. Have to be careful when shooting angled ships as just like tanks it seems to increase effective armor.


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Beta Tester
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Kinda hard to apply that DPM when a couple citadel hits have blown you out of the water shortly into the fight. :trollface:


AP and HE now both have a place. HE might be a bit overbuffed in terms of fire chance, but the general picture works better than 0.3.0 - both types now make sense to use depending on situation.

Oh, and armor very much does make a difference against HE. Slinging HE against the belt will do a lot less than hitting the decks or superstructure and heavily-armored ships tend to flat-out take less damage. Burning BBs is also easier said than done against a good BB player - the recovery ability is very, very effective at getting back HP lost to HE shells and fires. Had my first Dreadnought honor in the New Mexico in a game where I murdered several HE-slinging Clevelands. Lost over 120% of my max HP, but ended the game at slightly above half simply because the repairs kept negating all that light damage from the fires and 6in HE impacts.

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Beta Tester
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from a perspective of cruisers and destroyers


AP still wrecks cruisers, a few citadel hits and down they go...if you can't penetrate the hull using HE is best. when using DD's its still the question if your gun is strong enough and the angle is right to blast a couple 120-127mm AP shells in the citadel to deal a surprising amount of damage very fast. pitty IJN DDs have such insanely poor guns that no matter the selected ammo..it all feels bad


HE used to engage BB's mostly, the impact damage is identical or higher then the AP impact damage and the % of max HP fire DoT deals high amounts of absolute damage. BB removal is best done with torpedo's though...4 good torp hits and its dead or dying, so using the guns only if torping is not an option.


I'm unsure whether or not to use HE on DD's, the module damage is nice and can absolutely cripple them and you can crit them reliably, but the damage is meh even on a center mass hit...on the other hand a good AP volly 1-hits the little buggers, a bad one deals pathetic damage with no side effects.


CV..well the old ignite and switch to AP is still preferred, you can also be lazy and spam it with HE. engaging CV's is often a luxury. 

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Weekend Tester
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 203 mm guns only:


AP is effective at long distances against lightly armored cruisers, at short range my best salvo was 4k against a Furutaka with my Furutaka, mostly underwhelming 1-2 k damages,

Against better armored targets It performs well, citadels around 10-15% of shots fired from long range, Close range higher chance of citadels, still doing well overall,

Against BBs, it is under-performing from range, nothing surprising. I avoided close range combat because I am not insane so, no comment on that

Against DDs achieved some 1-2k hits , but I generally avoid shooting AP against them


HE is performing well against everything, constant damage with crits and fires, Basically doing the same amount of damage against BBs as AP did pre-3.1

Wrecks DDs, a little bit too much imho


Overall, Ships became more sturdy, cruisers for sure, DDs well I think the opposite, HE wrecks them more than pre-patch, BBs are still wrecking cruisers, but due to the turn radius buff-serious damage is avoidable

Though I get wrecked in my Furutaka by high caliber HE, multiple crits, engine knocked out twice in a row etc.


Overall I'd nerf the HE a bit damage wise, around 10-15% to make DDs more durable, and cruisers as well

AP is kind of under-performing against light cruisers imho, but did not found enough Omaha's to confirm my suspicion- delayed AP fuses hurt CAs against CLs

Apart from things like above mentioned nothing serious


I'd nerf the fire to some degree as well


Also maybe decrease repair cooldown on Cruiser and DD because of increased HE use- crits are really way more frequent now 



Edit: It seems you can actually citadel pen CLs with 203 mm guns. Which means that my "bad luck" was most probably either because of the "interesting" aiming after the patch or because the shells just did not connect with the citadel hit box


That being said I still experience fewer citadel penetrations...

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