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I, Mioliopp, am currently looking for a new clan since mine kinda went inactive. 

I usually operate on weekends (friday evening, saturday evening, sunday evening), sometimes through the week

Played the game since 2016

Tier X ships I have - Monty, Moskva, Hindenburg, Gearing, Grozovoi (not bought), Smolensk, Thunderer

Ships I like playing Scharnhorst, Georgia, Batlimore, Neustrashimi (yeah, steel well spent, I know)



Discord only


Best regards


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Hello @Mioliopp,


If you are interested, you could join our main clan [POI--]. We have friendly people are quite casual, but also have people who play CB if interested (though not a requirement. We also have Discord if you want to visit us. Just send a PM to me or Natsuzuki.

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