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Should I buy a ship for doubloons or use them in another way?

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I have now gathered 9800 doubloons from different free-to-play sources. I am really wondering what to do with them.


1. Buy a doubloon ship? Are there any good ones? I got the armory ship discount coupon too so I will probably use that.

2. Buy premium time when "needed"?

3. Buy premium camo for some favorite tier 10?


1. I have three tier 9 premiums and I have some 250K coal saved up. I have the Massachusetts B as a powerful tier 8 premium BB. Tier 7 I have Nelson and I am pretty happy with her. I have the Thunderer and Salem and premiumcamo-Zao as tier 10 premiums. Is there any ship that is a must have for doubloons tier 7 - tier 8? I have been thinking the Prinz Eugen since I like Hipper (but hate Roon). I don´t have the Scharnhorst maybe that could be a reasonable purchase? I was thinking about the Kidd but it has gone away. Dark horse could be the Kii since I like Amagi alot. God forbid maybe Lenin??


2. I don´t run premium account so maybe buy premium days or even weeks when appropriate?


3. I have the Zao camo (+20% credits and -50% maintenance) and I am happy with it. However as I have other tier 10 premiums and got the Yamato premium camo too I am not really sure how viable it is to use 5000 doubloons on yet another Tier 10 ship.


Or should I just skip all purchases for now and let the doubloons accumulate? I am currently not running out of credits or XP and my economy even as a free-to-play player is very stable. So I think that I don´t need to use these doubloons directly for credit gain or XP transfer or demounting equipment. Are there some tricks how you guys use your doubloons?

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30 minutes ago, TohtoriP said:

I am really wondering what to do with them.

Thats really up to you, if you are not running premium acount then you are doing well to maintain yourself, so not that important.

Premium camos are really not that big of a deal either, unless you play the ship a lot and enjoy it.

Premium ship, well, taking something out with a coupon is an option but up to your personal liking as well, but the way they rotate and swich ships sometimes there, might end you up with something beying added after you spend it on something already.

Id suggest you wait untill you are 100% sure what you want to do with your hard earnings.

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