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Ochakov Premium Light Russian Cruiser Review Guide

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Hello and welcome once again everyone, the brand new Russian cruiser split has started and with it comes the arrival of new premiums Ochakov, Pyotr Bagration and the first tech tree editions of Tallinn and Riga. This video shares my thoughts on how to play tier 8 Premium light Russian cruisers Ochakov plus full review guide including full ship upgrades and Soviet cruiser split captain skills and my reasoning for using what I do. This game is a bit nuts with an equally crazy ending with an unofficial Solo warrior at the end. I hope you enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7



My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito


 I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos  and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.

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