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A few points for noobs from a fresh noob

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I'm new to the game, very new...started playing 3 month ago in quarantine, paid only for premium and really enjoying the game. Don't bother to look at my stats, don't think the first 1000 battles says anything on a player. My stats are changing fast for the best every day but are still effected from my horrible start.
I wanted to give some advices to newcomers looking back on my last 3 months. Mastering this game takes time and practice. A lot of time and A lot of practice. You will get punished in seconds if you make a mistake. so here are my 2 cents:

- Patience, This is not a shooter, it's takes a lot of time to be good at this game 

- Invest time in learning from good sources like Youtube, Twitch and replays. I fixed so many mistakes i have done using these sources. Jingles, Flamu and Notster improved my game.

- Start with Cruisers, usually the noobs like me go for the BB and CV, but Cruisers are the best way to learn the game, although each type has it's own tactics you get punished in a Cruiser so fast that you have to understand and learn positioning, concealment and aiming to survive. Playing a DD/BB after that will be much easier.

- T5-T6 are the best to master skills like positioning and Aiming

- DON'T go over T8 unless you have a good WR at t6-t8 and you think you understand what you're doing. T9-T10 are a different game, The shock I had facing a Kleber and Alaska in a Cap and from RPF+Radar+Accuracy of players in T9 and up, the first battles were very frustrating. and If you go to T9 focus on specific type of ship that you want to master. After 1000 battles I only feel comfortable in a DD in T9-T10. I guess i like the action.

- Ranks means sh..., and btw My rank is 1 ;) and I have done with a T9 Fletcher. 

- Your Karma means sh...Won a game with 120+ 4 kills and i got 3 point down in my Karma.

- Don't blame the CV, Don't blame Campers, Don't blame the MM/RNG, Don't blame anyone but your self. Look at each game and ask what have you contributed to the team.

- Don't bother with the Chat, haters will hate. Use the time looking at the minimap instead.


- And last word  about WG, they are one big money making machine, never played a game which had this kind of Game economy that pushes you so hard to invest money in every aspect of the game. I will not invest more money so in this pace i guess I will not be here in a few months...

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