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ICON is reqruiting.We are looking to find active players who are willing to dedicate their effords primarly towards Clan Battles and KOTS tournaments.ICON currently holds a typhoon standard and he is aiming 

to bring the level of competative to the top.Healthy and non toxic enviroment is provided!

ICONA is reqruiting also....We train players that they want to improve their play style in order to fit the main clan.Everone that has the eager to learn from experienced players is welcomed.


  • 18+ years of age
  • Have at least 54+% win rate for ICON...ICONA is tottaly free:) ) (academy)
  • Like to play competitive
  • Speak English
  • Use Discord for comunication
  • Have at least one Tier X Warship


      Contact info





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Dont forget the 24 h  bumping Rule.

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