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Ever ragedelete an MMO? I have, every WG title so far. +1 to the list.

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Hey there, whoever is reading this. I just wanted to sum up my experience in the past week or so, just in case someone important actually reads it... and to vent before quitting for a few years again... mostly to vent...


As background, the last time I played, was in open beta. I think the last update was when the first lines besides US and JAP were introduced? Somewhere around that. Decided to return about a week ago to try and see if the game has become any more enjoyable. Spoilers: It has not... 


Starting from T3, I get to enjoy the company of carriers. Even in T6, when there are 3 of us huddling together in terror, we get nuked by them anyway. It is my understanding, that this starts to reverse at T8, but seriously? You have to grind and be fodder all the way until there to not be XP pinatas for carriers? The system is utter [edited]. The most effective anti-carrier tactic, is to just see if you can avoid some of the torpedoes they drop. If you can't, or it is not torpedo bombers, just ignore it and handle it as a force of nature. It is not like you can do much, if a carrier wants to sink you, you will sink.


The matchmaker... Yeah, that was the final nail in the coffin, when I got to T6, and thought I would finally get to play proper "modern" ships. I spent almost every match trying to decide if I should sail ahead and be nuked out of existence by people who have twice my gun range and caliber, or stay in the back, and not have the range to shoot anyone... while being raided by carriers, of course, since a T6 battleship left behind by everyone who is much faster and does not have to fear instakills, is about as easy as prey gets in a T8 match...


And the main issue, for last: Hits. I could deal with all the above, if when I aim and fire at something, it actually did something. How the ungodly [edited]does the game handle hits? Because I tried everything. I hit a light cruiser on the broadside, from brawling range, with 10 300+mm guns. 8 hits, all overpens. 8 Warspite shots at a T7 BB, from brawling range again, aimed at the belt, 1 pen, 1 overpen, 1 bounce... this is an accurate ship... how... Plunging fire from way away, fired at a ship lengthwise. Obviously it hits the superstructure, but how the hell does it overpen? In order for that to overpen, it has to punch through the hull and citadel, and come out underwater....

In fact, lets just hold that thought for a moment. How can shots fired at the waterline overpen? Because unless the visuals are lying to me, that happens regularly. And if they do, then what else am I supposed to work by?

I have lost count of the number of times when I finish the game with something like 30 hits as a BB, and less than 30K damage, because so many shots just inexplicably overpen or bounce, that it all averages out. Can you blame people for just spamming HE? That is about as reliable as doing damage gets. At least once you hit, you almost certainly will do a few thousand damage...


Just RNG in general is utterly unbearable in this game. The number of times a target gets away or I die, simply because my shot falls all around the target, but not a single proper hit lands, is just ridiculous. I might as well play poker, I have more control over the random factor there. No, I should go and play Red Dead Redemption, because apparently I am a grandmaster of straddling things.


Hell, I have almost a month of premium time left from all the free stuff I got for returning, hate wasting such things, and it is still just not worth it. *EDIT*


So yeah
Bye, have fun getting strokes.

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You caught the game in the desync month. All other stuff you mention are there and are frustrating but you can kinda play through some times.

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Best of luck with your future endeavours OP.


This is locked as it's about as far as constructive as it can be.

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