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Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

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Welcome to [_FK_] Frogman Korps
Who We Are
We are a semi competitive clan formed by players who consider themselves the middle-ground, who got tired of clans that were not very serious, or those run like a Gulag Esports team. 
We like to strike a good balance between Tournaments (when the chance arises) and Clan Wars (only clan based modes so far). We are a tight knit community of open/laid players when we don't play "competitive".


What We Offer:

-- Mix of Experienced and Developing Players of varying levels of skill.--

-- An active community with regards to competitive CB, ranked, and casual game divisioning. --

-- A safe escape from issues of RL, casual banter and good social aspect. --

-- CB Opportunities in both Alpha and Bravo teams. --

-- Good advice structure, i.e. training and advice, where needed; constructive criticism and praise. --

-- Probably King of the Seas (KotS) Participation.--

-- Typhoon/High Storm ranking in recent CB seasons. --

Our Requirements:

-- Active Players with a modicum of common sense, w/ ability to take criticism, any issues just let us know. --

-- CB Participation (Training and Session); Previous CB Experience is a bonus. --

-- Discord user with working mic (English Speaking). --

-- At least 52% WR with Decent PR (Stats are not everything, which we recognise, we will consider on a case by case basis if the argument for exception is fair). --

-- At least Two Tier X Ships, and experience playing at this Tier in those ships. (Experience in multiple ship classes is a bonus, experience in any current meta ships is also a bonus). --



 Via Discord linked here ¬¬¬ https://discord.gg/g3bSXQv

 PM in-game any [_FK_] Commander or Recruiter.

 PM names within this thread.

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Edit - We're not furries, avatars are pue coincidence


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