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HerMajestys Ship Reviews (English)

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In this section we will post my series of Ship reviews.

In my reviews we wil talk about the important stats of the ships and compare them to others in their matchmaking range.

But our main goal is to also share our impressions on feelings playing the ships. 


We am working bilingual and post each review in the german speaking forum and here. Therefore sometimes there will be a little delay betwen the posting of the two versions as we are working on the translation.


if you want to see the German versions follow the link below.


fair seas 

yar Majesty

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9 posts
6,478 battles


Tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich


May2020 version 0.9.3

Be welcome to the first of our reviews. We are always writing an English and a German version and we link the opposite at the beginning of the article in case you found only this one and want to read it in the other language.

In German: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/135300-hermajestys-reviews/?tab=comments#comment-3476838




A mobile and well armoured battlecruiser with magnificent secondaries, powerful AA and somewhat wonky but interesting main battery.





Here is really nothing special to see P.E. Friedrich is equipped with standard repair party and damage control. Different then the Tier VI tech tree BB Bayern she does not get access to a spotter or fighter plane, but she does not need them anyway.







With a top speed of 28 knots base P.E. Friedrich is one of the fastest Tier VI BBs, but compared to the two other Battlecruisers on Tier VI, Dunkerque and Normandie, she is the slowest Battlecruiser in her Tier as the named to are capable of 30 knots.

She does need some time to get to full speed but that’s ok as she does not take ages, she just needs some time.

At 800 meters she just claims herself the place to own the second largest turning circle at Tier VI only succeeded by Ismail with her 830 meters.

The rudder shift time of 14 seconds is just about average on Tier VI BBs.


All in all, she does feel very agile and fast. Her turning circle is very gigantic and feels exactly like that, but nevertheless she handles very good and Torp Beats are definitely a thing.






Only looking at the numbers her Armour belt looks really good, but sadly she is heavy or something else, so the result is that the beautiful belt sits at waterline and below, so its impact is…limited. But despite that her armour is enough to shatter most HE shells. Only the superstructure, bow, stern, and the casemate section between the two rear turrets are 26mm or below and therefore vulnerable. After the IFHE rework bow and stern were buffed to 26mm but this doesn’t change that much as 380mm Guns and larger are still able to overmatch. She stands out to be the only German BB in game without turtleback armour, perhaps since she is Battlecruiser and not a Battleship. This leads to her citadel being worse protected than on the other German BBs. However, her citadel is, very much like Hoods, just below the waterline so that the low armour belt protects her in some kind and it is near impossible to citadel her at short distances. The horizontal armour is nothing special, but the low citadel does help a lot.

All in all, armour is good, but it is needed to maintain an angle to your opponent to use the armour effective. You should watch out for Tier VII and VIII 380mm and higher as they can let you have an awfully bad day. It is possible to minimize damage when angled and using shorter ranges. This way we could prevent citadels even from Wladiwostock but they still do 10k average per salvo. The Tier VI 380mm and bigger guns are technically also dangerous to you, but we haven’t had much problem dealing with them active angling and short distance really helps.

P.E. Friedrich plays very well if used aggressive and is pretty sturdy. She rewards correct angling and despite the large turning circle she usually does survive turning in front of an enemy BB. However, her performance highly depends on her facing 406mm Guns or not.





Mid and short range AA do average dps but compensate with some of the best ranges in Tier VI. The real deal is her Long range suit (gaaawwd this 10,5cm dual purpose  <3), these have the best dps  (179) and bursts per salvo (5) of all Tier VI BBs. The burst damage of 1260 is only surpassed by Ismail and Dunkerque (1330 each). This is only held down by the 10,5s range of 5.2km which is still above average.

Against Tier VI CVs her AA is just devastating and even helps your team when in formation, on Tier VIII VCs she at least does a good chunk of damage, so she does not feel completely helpless. The downside of this is that her AA suit relies heavily on those 10,5s which also means that she also relies on those blasts to shred whole squadrons. And this does very heavily depend on whether the CV is good ad dodging or not.

We must mention that her AA suit felt reliable and we saw a lot of squads just burning away, very satisfying, thank Rheinmetall for the 10,5cm Flak 38!




Main battery:

Her main battery will be the point where probably most of you will decide if she sounds good to you or not.

They use the “uncommon” main calibre of 350mm with a range of 17.8km which cannot be extended. At 2.0 her guns have the highest sigma value Tier VI BBs can have so far. However, her horizontal dispersion is similar to Dunkerque´s and therefore mediocre. Though the sigma does compensate for this very well which makes her feel superior to Dunkerque.

With the main battery reload of 28 seconds she has se second fastest reload at Tier VI. (Dunkerque having the fastest at 26 seconds)

Her main battery turrets need 45 second to do a 180 degree turn which is faster than Bayern´s 51.4 seconds, but the turrets still cannot keep up when the ship is executing a full turn.

The HE is typically German, anaemic alpha damage, horrible fire-starting chance but somewhat good penetration. They are enough to deal with DDs but are not really scary.

The AP have the lowest Penetration among all Tier VI BBs, leading to serious problems when fighting BBs at long range. But they are perfect to fight cruisers as they don’t over penetrate that much as other BBs might do.


Whereas the secondary battery is some scary crap. They are easily the best we have ever enjoyed at Tier VI. They have the German ¼ pen rule resulting in excellent penetration values of 26mm for the 10,5cm dual purpose and 38mm for the 15cm casemate guns. Both are enough to penetrate bow, stern, and superstructure on most Tier VI and VII BBs and will easily punch through Cruisers, DDs, and CVs. Do keep in mind that there are BBs who have an “Icebreaker bow or extended armour belt” which they cannot penetrate.

They have a high rate of fire and are very precise, topped by being able to have the best Tier VI secondary range of 7.6km when maxed out.

Their chance to start a fire is rather low but this is compensated by the above-mentioned factors we ended up setting some fires in each engagement.




All in all, the main battery is strong enough to keep up and sty relevant, but forces to change ammo types often depending on situation. Fighting same Tier BBs the AP works best below a range of 12km. Although we did manage to land some good salvos at 13-15km, but be aware that in this case we highly suggest aiming for upper belt and casemate as in most cases the AP lacks the pen tu punch through the main belt. Despite the occasional wonkiness her main battery feels very precise especially for a German ship. And as mentioned above the guns will wreck most cruisers pretty hard. The absence of a catapult fighter is nothing bad as we really would not want to fire these guns at ranges above 17km as at 16 they force you already to load HE shells which are, as mentioned before, very German.


In a brawl her secondary adds up nicely to the fast firing main battery and charging an enemy in general fells very good. You can either push their range to 7.6km and make them 20% more precise using the secondary mod or use them just on 6.6km with AFT and signal plus aiming module which does also boosts the main battery precision and in my opinion makes more use of the good sigma. Both options work very well, but we usually use the latter option as we feel in general the need for main battery precision on German BBs.



My Build:


Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1

Slot 2: Damage Control System Mod 1

Slot 3: Aiming Systems Mod 1

Slot 4: Steering Gears Mod 1



We use the captain usually sitting on G. Kurführst which is skilled to a survivability and secondary hybrid. German secondaries are pretty good and most important very fun to play so we just have to spec into them but at the same time do the survivability part to stay long enough afloat to use them.

However please do note that this captain build is not ideal as there are other perks that should be skilled for P.E. Friedrich namely the “Expert Marksman”.

Also a Complete Secondary build could be fun perhaps with Concealment. Or a more long-time endurance build could be more comfortable for some players even if we think that this is not something the ship really shines at, that immediate action seems to me more her thing.






So, what is our final opinion?

Prinz Eitel Friedrich is quite fast and relatively manoeuvrable, but you should think about turning directly in front of an enemy BB, as she can survive this and take very low damage it can also happen that she eats a lot of penetrations and loos a good chunk of HP. She can bounce quite a lot and be a pain in the [edited]to deal with if she is angled and positioned right. Her secondary is a force of their own. Her AA is quite powerful and it makes us smile just see that carriers planes melting away, though it is quite important to dodge especially torpedoes as most of the damage from them can’t be healed. The main drawback is her main battery, as they are very situational and not as flexible as they should be to comfortable adapt to most situations.

This leads to her being a possible good ship for newcomers and a good trainer to practice and learn angling, dodging areal attacks, and the right usage of AP/HE.


But and…that is a very big but her performance depends heavily on the matchmaking you get. Tier VI and below is a piece of cake here she really feels like mean machine. Tier VII is a little bit trickier, here she begins to face 406mm guns, but they are not too much, so it is very manageable just be cautious and play thoughtful. Tier VIII is the real pain train, her armour isn’t holding up anymore, her speed is standard and a lot BBs even surpass it. Though it is possible to be successful with her in these battles, it becomes quite frustrating as her usual playstyle does not work here anymore. We want to close distance but that becomes incredibly dangerous and we are somewhat bound to attacking cruisers and support in combat against other BBs, she kinda loses her overall carry potential.

We had a lot fun playing her and got quite some good battles. We rarely felt useless to the team but as mentioned Tier VIII battles where a pain in the [edited], although there were some which ended pretty nice on the results.






+armour is quite useful

+excellent secondarys

+good AA



-tricky main battery

-uptiers poorly

-combat against BBs highly situational






We began to use the majestic plural in this article, as we thought it would match our nametag quite well. 

We would be happy about feedback regarding this and if it makes reading the article harder or not.


fair seas 

yar Majesty

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Very nice review but It might be better to post it in the battleship section of the ships forum?

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5 hours ago, HerMajestyLottaTheFirst said:

Whereas the secondary battery is some scary crap. They are easily the best we have ever enjoyed at Tier VI. They have the German ¼ pen rule resulting in excellent penetration values of 26mm for the 10,5cm dual purpose and 38mm for the 15cm casemate guns. Both are enough to penetrate bow, stern, and superstructure on most Tier VI and VII BBs and will easily punch through Cruisers, DDs, and CVs. Do keep in mind that there are BBs who have an “Icebreaker bow or extended armour belt” which they cannot overmatch.

Overmatch will never happen on secondaries, because HE shells do not overmatch. Overmatch is an AP mechanic and HE either pens or it does not. 

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