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Öland Pan European Swedish Destroyer Review Guide

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Hi again everyone, The Swedish or Pan European destroyer Öland is probably one of the strongest tier 8 destroyers in the game right now. This Pan EU destroyer can do everything a good destroyer can do and does it extremely well. It's an outstanding AA platform allowing it to perform very well even when uptiered and when the carrier comes for it well most of them will end up regretting it. I've had a ton of fun playing the Öland so far and being able to swat planes out of the sky while still doing all the destroyer things well it feels immensely satisfying. I've included some builds and ship upgrades that work very well. I hope you all enjoy the video 



I'm uploading content every week to You Tube and you can also find me now on Twitch also under the same name you can find both links here below.


My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito You Tube
You can now also find me on Carbine Carlito Twitch

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