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Hello Captains, Grab a beer and listen up!


Are you living on the EU server but playing alone?

Do you want to play with fun like-minded people?

Do you want to see what the hype is about being in a clan?

If you answer yes to any or none of these then keep reading!


[ZUUL] Do NOT open the fridge is looking for fresh meat to grind!


We have very few requirements/rules

  1. Family Comes First! No Minimum time online requirement!
  2. Willing and able to use a mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes we are a bit old schooled, if you need help setting TS up just let us know). We also have a Discord! That you are free to join and have a chat and a few games with us. https://discord.gg/YtryFf5
  3. A basic understanding of the game (if you don't know anything we probably do so just ask).
  4. 25 years age requirement. Subject to review depending on the feeling for the individual, based on maturity etc..


A Bit about us

  1. We are one big family, we all look out for each other through thick and thin, if you need help or someone to talk to we are here.
  2. We currently have 25+ active members who play a multitude of games not just the world of warships so if one day you want to play something different feel free we might join you.
  3. Most of our members have been playing through Alpha and Beta and continue to play now with thousands of hours and games under our belts.
  4. We are very teamwork orientated and are nearly always playing in divisions.
  5. We often run inter-clan tournaments with prizes for the winners. 
  6. We participate in clan battles and are always looking for new competitive players to join us in them. 


If you're interested in joining us please contact any of the following either in-game or on the forums. :


[ZUUL]Jake_a_Saurus (Clan Recruiter)

[ZUUL]InfinteViruse(Jr Clan Recruiter)

[ZUUL]Longbow__ (Clan Commander)

[ZUUL]_Paranoid_Monkey_ (Deputy Commander)


You can also send a join request to our clan in-game, clan tag [ZULL], and clan name, (Do NOT open the fridge).

Then come and join us for a few games. See you in Game Captains!






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